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Les grandes pensées viennent du coeur.


For the the Moving Images course I’m taking this Fall, we’re required to compose two shorts: one in a team of four, and another one individually. The team assignment required a little more attention to specific procedures such as writing the screenplay, illustrating & animating the storyboard, hosting cast auditions, filming the rehearsal footage, keeping a blog to record our process.. etc. so that was how I spent most of my October. We’ve got all our filming done (relatively early / ahead of schedule) so we have about a month and a bit to put the whole thing together haha. I will post more details slash previews soon :)

Last weekend, I finally made a jumpstart to my individual project and held a shoot with my girl, Gloria. Photoshoots with her are always lots of fun! (I don’t want to reveal my concept just yet so check back for more updates within the week.) Since Mother Nature doesn’t want to cooperate with me, all our shots were actually taken indoors at my homemade studio in my apartment ;) Nonetheless, she looks amazing all made up like a doll and most importantly, I’ve got some pretty good shots to work with. During our break, we decided to whip out the wig and have some fun with it. The idea of going blonde has always been at the back of my head but I’m glad it stayed that way LOL, it’s been proven that I’ll never be able to pull it off hahaha.

I felt like I lived up to the Foodie title yesterday, I was spoiled to so. much. good. food. I headed down to Guu Otokomae in Gastown to celebrate my brother’s (super belated) birthday with my momsie & boyfriend. We shared nine dishes between four people? It sounds like a lot but it was just right and we still had room for gelato at Bella Gelateria <3 mMmm I’m salivating to the thought of it!

Nummy Mushroom Cheese Bibimbap, Hamachi Sashimi, Grilled Black Cod, Maguro Tataki, Sashimi Salad, Soy Hot Pot, Yam Fries & Guu-tine

My two flavour cone: ‘To Die For’ Banana Bread by local baker, Erin Ireland on top & Tahitian Vanilla on the bottom <3

One more note before sleep time: This is totally coming from the girly side of me but Christina Aguilera’s upcoming album, Lotus, is sounding soo good, I’m getting my copy when it comes out in a week! Some favourite tracks on the record are: Just a Fool (ft. Blake Shelton), Blank Page, Empty Words, Your Body and Army of Me. Xtina has such a crazy voice, it’s so inspiring to see the woman she’s become through her songs & albums – I’ve followed her since the golden days of Genie in a Bottle, haa :$ Okays, good night world :) I need to rest up for my early lecture tomorrow.


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